Entry 3 – 16th September


* Tumble Weed *

What is up?

Yeah OK…So I managed to do 2 blog posts consecutively, after making a proud public announcement that I’m going to be keeping this up every week at least once. Well nice one, Jack. You screwed it after 2 weeks! However, I have amongst lots of things, moved home into a wicked house with Louise, the cat and our endless belongings and been gigging like crazy these past 2 weeks. So I hope that is enough of an excuse.

But I’m back! (in Pog form) (Simpsons reference).

Already at the start of this week I performed with the fantastic Victoria Klewin in Giraffe, Bath and tonight have only just walked through the door back home after performing at the ILOVELIVE event in Stokes Croft, which I am currently the house keyboard player for every month, which showcases up and coming UK R&B, Rap, Soul and Grime acts. Tomorrow I’m performing a solo piano set at the University Of Bristol Mathematics annual dinner, which I am very much looking forward to.

This Thursday I am playing another solo jazz set at REISS in Cabot Circus as part of the launch of their new suit rage, alongside a whiskey tasting and a pop-up gentleman’s traditional barber.

Friday, I’m heading down to Devon with The Soul Strutters, returning to Lilicos Tapas Bar in Barnstaple to play some heavy Funk Grooves. We had such a blast playing there back in June, with an amazing receptive crowd and we also got fed some fine complimentary tapas, which is always a bonus.

Saturday brings the follow up gig of Madilan – Barney Sage’s weird and wonderful progressive experimental project, of which he writes everything may I add. (Barney being the drummer in Soul Strutters as well as Jackson and the house drummer at my weekly Jam Session, but mostly my closest musical ally). We performed at his launch show at the tail end of July at Crofters Rights in Stokes Croft to a sell-out crowd, which was a truly unforgettable night – and we even broke the PA because of the sheer volume. And yes – the volume was completely necessary.

Being so busy (touch wood/metal laptop) at the moment, one has to be quite picky about passionate projects to be involved with – simply because of the lack of time it takes to fully commit to a project (this week being a good example having 7 gigs!), but Madilan is a band I am so honoured and proud to be in. Crazy time signatures, discordant riffs and multiple melodic lines being played simultaneously all at the same time – My kind of thing J

So come down to The Stag and Hounds in Old Market to see us live!

Finally on Sunday, after driving back to my hometown to see our beautiful new-born baby niece at a family get-together, The Soul Strutters are performing at WellyFest! A beer and cider festival brought to you by Bath Ales, at The Wellington in Horfield.

So there you go. 7 gigs in 7 days. It’s a wonderful, easy yet strenuous at times, rollercoaster of an emotional entity having your near-life long passion be your job, although those who know me will say I am an emotional person anyway. In my experience, it takes constant hustling, expecting to be told NO quite frequently and lots of miscommunication along the way so far and at the point in my career as a professional musician, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Rehearsals for the launch gig on the 15th October are coming along nicely – Again I can’t really believe the Jackson project is now an 8 piece live band made up of keyboards, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, DJ, saxophone and vocals now. It was going to be 4/5 members to start with, but that’s what you get when you hang out with superb musicians and invite to jam my compositions; Each member came in one by one, and then I find myself going “OH MY GOD, WOW IT SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER NOW HOW COULD WE NOT HAVE YOU AS A FIXTURE UNTIL NOW?” and words to those affect. If the overall sound progresses the more timbre you add, then so be it! That’s the way it is, and when it’s your main musical baby, it is best not to compromise, as it will all be worth it in the end, right? I’m so excited to play these songs live under my own name. It really has been a long awaited desire to front my own band playing original music for the first time.

To top the night off, I have great pleasure in announcing the support act for the show is Schoolboy’s Death Trio; one of my personal favourite acts from Bristol fronted by a truly talented musician, poet and artist – Andy Hayes.

It’s going to be a really great night, people! If you like Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rare Grooves, Jazz, Turntablism and all the sub genres in between which I can’t be bothered to bore you with, then come to the Golden Lion on the 15th October!

Check out Schoolboy’s Death Trio here:



Until next time (week, hopefully)

Thanks for reading!

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