March 2016

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Greetings followers of the musical happenings and broken blog post promises of Jack Jackson Jackerson.

Apologies for the February no-show post – I have been so busy with booking Soul Strutters gigs and then performing them, as well as recording, mixing and producing this new record and owning this giant malamute puppy, I kept on putting it off. So I have strapped myself to the chair whilst listening to the original Bass master – Wagner. Massive fan of his, but not so much of the apparent anti-sematic opinions.


I’m really happy to announce that JACKSON have a series of upcoming gigs in the next couple of months, and more bookings are going to be confirmed very soon, but for now – I can say we have a Bath takeover party at The Nest – A much suited venue name which is the home venue and town of my DJ – Asian Hawk. We will be performing as a full band, followed by a DJ set all night as well as a live lounge Piano set featuring Leyton on vocals on Friday 15th April! This will be the first out of Bristol gig for the band, so hoping to gain a lot of new fans down in Bath and make it a big party!

The big Bristol night coming up is THE EP LAUNCH SHOW!

This is taking place on Tuesday 19th April at The Gallimaufry on Gloucester Road, with support from Feelgood Experiment (check them out at
This venue is a perfect setting for the sort of music we play, in an ideal location of Gloucester Road.
I’ll be performing all of the tracks from my first and second EP with the full band well as selling physical copies of ‘Reality’.

This is the 6 track record, which I have been working on for the past 6 months. It has been an absolute pleasure writing, recording and mixing this EP. Lloyd Starr, who helped produce the audio for the debut music videos, has recorded and mixed them and co-produced with me and I could not be happier with his input and skills. It’s a mixture of Progressive Rock, Jazz, Funk and Soul. I know I would say this but the sound has come a long way since ‘Time’ and I feel it’s my best work yet. It’s going to be available online as well as physical copies and I’m so proud of how it is sounding!

I have been very privileged to have my old friend Tom Roberts, of to create a stunning cover. The guy is insanely talented. I’ve always wanted to have a piece of his art to call my own, and I get to say he created Reality’s artwork! Only criticism I have to say my fingers are not accurately depicted; his beautiful illustration has shown me to have long spindly fingers, where in reality (!) I have the stubbiest sausage fingers going. So on a whole, Tom – 9/10.

For those who saw on my Facebook page, at the tail end of February, I managed to organise a RIDICULOUS day out with the lads in the JACKSON band, in the children’s soft adventure play area at Avon Wildlife Park. Not only that, but also all dressed like we are in Miami Vice. Not only that…All performing on inflatable/kid’s instruments but taking it very seriously…Not only that, but ‘performing’ in a ball pit to no one but toddlers including my 6 month old niece who will feature in the video!

I’m not going to give much more away, but this was once again shot and edited by Laura Palmer ( and will be released at the same time as the new EP and launch show!

The track I chose to make a video for, is what I feel is the most commercial so to speak, as this 6 track record has turned out to be some what of a ‘prog funk’ feel. Not sure if that is even a thing, but when you hear it you’ll understand what I mean.

Last month, Jackson had our 3rd ever gig, which was at The Small Horse Inn, Bristol, which was hosted by The University of Bristol’s Jazz Funk Soul Society.
I have wanted to ‘get in’ with this bunch of talented dudes who know their music for a few years now; I’ve been based in Bristol for a good 7 years now, but never had an act which I felt would be suitable for putting forward to play on one of their nights before until recently.
With Jackson, I want to choose the right gigs to play, and not just gig for the sake of it. Of course with Soul Strutters, and what we play are covers, we play 5 nights a week and do have a reputation of being one of the hardest working bands in the area, which is a wonderful reputation to have and feel really blessed to have a fan base for such an accidental band.

However with Jackson – It’s a totally different kettle of fish – Gaining a fan base when performing solely (See what I did there – Sole….Soul/Kettle of Fish…Sole. Play on words. Yeah?) Original compositions, you want to be playing at the right places, and being in a Soul/Funk/Jazz outfit, what better place than to be performing in front of the JFS Society of Bristol?

A fantastic gig, and it’s just showing that the more we gig the better it will be. Sure this was only the 3rd to date, but it truly was the best so far! So thank you for all who came and new followers of my music – It really is most appreciated and hopefully we can return to perform on one of their nights in the near future!

Don’t forget – the Funk Soul Free-for-all Jam Session is still going strong after 3 years down at The Hatchet Inn, on Frogmore Street in Bristol.
Come and join the house band from 5pm onwards, which features Barney and Rich from Jackson, as well as James Arbery from Soul Strutters. Free beers for all performers! If any of you have not been already, please check on Facebook for the open group titled ‘Hatchet Jam Sessions’, where you can suggest songs to perform or anything related to the Jam. The more the merrier! Just no Adele covers please!

Also for any Jazz/Blues/Soul lovers – You can catch me playing a solo piano set every Friday at Barton Street Wine bar in Bath from 8pm onwards as well as every other Sunday at The Brass Pig, Clifton from 1pm onwards. Check my Facebook page for these listings as sometimes I have out of town gigs on Friday nights J
Last time I played Barton Street Wine Bar though, none other than TV’s own Matthew Kelly from Stars in their eyes was dining. I certainly did have a star in the corner of my eye when he entered the room.

I say star….

So – 15th April, The Nest, Bath! 19th April…. The Gallimaufry. Jackson gigs. Be there!

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