July 2016

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As the months have progressed since October 2015 – Launching the Jackson project, I’ve managed to get some really memorable and enjoyable gigs around the Southwest – With the band sounding tighter and more comfortable from one gig to the next. This solo project of mine, is one of the hardest live performances to pull off because of the huge sound and high energy it requires; Jazz-Funk is always full to the brim of chord changes and luscious warm grooves. Combining that with prog rock influences and everything else thrown into the pot just makes it all the more complex (self indulgent), but when I feel it’s done right, it’s by far my favourite project I’m proud to say is establishing itself. However, it can’t be done without having the Avengers of Bristol for a line up. I’m constantly so grateful for having such a huge talent and ability alongside me in Jackson.

I’ve even managed to get some footage put together from our performance at The Canteen in Stokes Croft, filmed on a GoPro. You can see it here:


Thanks to my man Lloyd Starr (www.lloydstarraudio.com) for putting the video together – Love working with this guy, and will be continuing to work closely with him in the foreseeable future for my various musical endeavours.

After writing, rehearsing, recording and all of the rest when it came to my second EP – Reality and releasing it in April, I felt that I had too much time on my hands, so I decided to write another 6 tracks, and aim to release this at the end 2016. I don’t like the feeling of rest after a completed project, so while I’m feeling the creativity, I’ve got an obscure bunch of lengthy compositions which are (so far) more progressive filled Funk/Jazz influenced time signature/genre hopping ‘songs’ which I hope will turn out to be sounding like a soundtrack to a film which hasn’t been made.

…Maybe that could be a project which I decide to embark on in the future?!

So far I’m sticking to the same line-up as the previous EP, however after recently performing with the incredible voice that is Celestine for ‘Make Sunday Special’ in the town centre, with a guest jazz-flute player – Hanliz, who (no pun intended) blew me away, I feel it would be sacrilegious to not get them on the next EP one way or another.
Living in Bristol as a musician is a wonderful thing; We are truly blessed to be around so many pro artists to gain influence from and spur oneself on to better themselves as a player. Here’s hoping I can get the cream of Bristol’s crop to guest record! Let’s see in a few months time!

In other JB musical news, I have the pleasure to say I am joining forces with Eva Lazarus, pushing her solo project for 2017 by playing keys for her, alongside the mega rhythm combo that is Jimbo Breen on drums and John Railton on bass.

We recently completed a debut video, made by BD film, for her first track she’s showcasing under the name of Amsterdam.

You can watch and listen here:



Madilan’s long awaited album launch comes to Bristol next week (14th July) at the Stag and Hounds. Really can’t wait to get fucking loud and weird with my musical brother Barney Sage’s project. He has worked incredibly hard on these tracks and especially with mixing with Lloyd (who is also the guitarist in this band). It’s sounding ridiculously heavy and this needs to be performed more and more. It’s a huge night of alternative and progressive Math-Rock (Hate that term but don’t know what else to pigeon hole it into).

Check the event here, and you can pay whatever you want on the door too! :



Thanks for reading, and please keep up to date with Soul Strutters’ latest news and gigs, as we are always playing every week somewhere, including our weekly residency on Sunday nights at Mbargo on the Clifton Triangle:

www.facebook.com/soulstruttersuk – 1,500 fans – Not bad for a covers band!

Thank you for the continued support



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