Nitelife Magazine – August issue 2017

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Something like this may not mean a big deal to other artists out there, but with the huge risk of sounding self indulgent, I’m really proud to have been featured in Nitelife magazine.

With my project – Jackson (  I have never written for any other purpose or agenda to gain a certain audience. I have merely written from the heart without comprising the sound in any way. I know it’s never going to be music which would be widely accessible to big numbers; It’s a sound that I love and if other people like it, then that’s a huge bonus.

To have features written about my project is very flattering

Without taking anything away from the friends/pro musicians who have travelled around the place to be on stage with me and given up their time, taking a gig promoting my music rather than getting a good wage playing elsewhere as well as recording on the tracks (which I’m endlessly grateful for), I pretty much do all of the writing, promotion, organising by myself and self-finance EVERYTHING.
There has been no crowd funding or monetary investment from anyone but yours truly.

It’s exhausting, infuriating, causes a lot of fatigue and takes up a lot of emotional investment from an emotional person like myself…BUT, it’s totally worth it when something like this happens.
Thank you, Nitelife Online for having me your August issue and taking an interest in something particularly niche. It really does mean a lot 

Jackson in Nitelife Magazine - August 2017

Jackson in Nitelife Magazine – August 2017

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