Piano & Keyboard Tuition

If you are currently interested in learning to play the piano/keyboard and also interested in music theory, Jack is currently teaching in the Bristol area, teaching a range of styles, and whether you are an absolute beginner or to advanced, he is happy to help.

He specialises in Jazz/Blues/Pop/Funk/Soul; however he can aid you in whatever style of music you wish to embark upon.
Jack teaches the theory of music and piano along the way, and he, of all people knows how boring theory is, but it is essential, and he can help you learn in a straight forward, easy to grasp way.

Having played for 20 years as of 2015, Jack has developed his own method of teaching piano and keyboard, after having had weekly lessons from age 7 to 17 and then studying for a degree in Music.

He is happy to can teach anyone, from the very basics all the way to grade 8 and beyond. If you want to achieve the Associated Board piano grades (ABRSM grades 1-8) and the theory exams, or you just want to be able to jam along with your favourite songs, learn by ear, or be able to read music, it does not matter to me; I am willing to help with everything!

If you are a complete beginner and never touched a keyboard previously, I GUARANTEE that by the end of a one hour session you will be able to play ALL major/minor/dominant 7th chords and all triads!

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• 30 Minutes / £17
• 1 Hour / £30

Payments accepted;

• Bank transfer 
• Cash per lesson 
• Cheque (which must clear before your first lesson) 

Lesson Info;

Ideally, I would like you to sign up for 10 block lessons, at the same time each week, as you will seriously progress after 10 hours, and be able to read chords, improvise, and play along with your favourite songs! However, I do not mind if you only want 1 or 2 lessons, just to refresh your memory if you have played before but many years ago, or only want to get to a certain level.

If you were to sign up for 10 block lessons, the fee would be reduced to £250 rather than £300!

I have taught people in the past who do not have a piano/keyboard to practice on at home and have found this to not be beneficial for the student to take lessons, so something to practice on is a necessity – I wouldn’t feel comfortable in receiving a tuition fee if you didn’t have access to a piano/keyboard on which to progress between lessons. I used to try and get away with not practicing with my teacher when I was younger, and now being the tutor… It is really obvious when someone has not been practicing! I am happy to teach students regularly weekly or fortnightly.

Lesson Plan:

My beginner’s lessons are incredibly well suited to both children and adults alike and can be adapted to work for many learning styles and abilities.

All lessons are 60 minutes, and beginner’s lessons include:
• Piano theory – the make-up of the instrument
• Basic chords – how to play them
• Scale patterns – what notes to use together and why
• Proper technique – getting it right from day one
• Playing your favourite songs – you’ll learn it in a lesson
• Introduction to improvisation – free-styling chords and solos
Once you have all this under control, I will also teach you:
• Advanced rhythm – play with more style
• Time, dynamics and articulation – key skills to being a great pianist/keyboard player
• Voicing – learn to ‘hear the note’
• Playing with style – Jazz, Rock, blues, folk, funk, classical
• Song writing – Whatever genre you wish to embark upon, I can assist in helping create your original music

Not only all this, but should you aspire to play in front of a live audience, I run many live music nights in Bristol, including a Jam session at The Hatchet on Frogmore Street, and I will gladly introduce you the live music scene and give you the chance to jam with other instrumentalists in Bristol and organise some live performances for you! I can accompany you if you need a little confidence boost too.

I am currently a full-time gigging musician and play most evenings, so I am looking to take lessons in the daytime to early evening on weekdays.

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